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Teaching Imitation Skills

We all learn by watching others and copying their actions. One of the most important ways young children learn is through imitation. Generally, a child will learn to imitate movement before they learn to imitate sounds through speech. Even though motor imitation is not directly related to language development, teaching a child to imitate body movements is helpful because it teaches a child valuable imitation skills. Read More


Red Flags in Child Development

Children grow and develop at their own individual pace. The range of when skills develop is actually quite wide and variable. Some kids develop motor skills quicker than verbal skills and vice versa. It is helpful to know potential warning signs of developmental delay because early assessment and intervention has been shown to be beneficial toward optimal developmental outcomes. If you have developmental questions or concerns, it is always appropriate to talk with your child’s pediatrician or schedule a developmental intake at a clinic like Rosenberg Center to talk further and collaboratively develop an assessment and/or treatment plan if appropriate. Below are some signs of possible developmental delay. Read More

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