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How To Tell Children Bad News

Telling children bad news is something no adult wants to face, but eventually is bound to occur. Whether it be a death of someone close to the child, a divorce, moving to a new city or a tragic event such as a natural disaster or man-made disaster, children are in need of an adult to help them process these potentially traumatic events. Read More


Job Search Options for People with ASD

A new program,, connects employers with job-seekers who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other disabilities. The new site is a joint effort of Autism Speaks, a science and advocacy group, and Rangam Consultants Inc., a New Jersey company that specializes in staffing Fortune 500 companies. The goal of the site is to promote inclusive hiring and to highlight the skills of a largely untapped pool of talent. The site was built by WebTeam Corporation which develops technology solutions for people with ASD. A person with ASD led the team to help design a site that has features that are especially useful to people with ASD and to employers committed to inclusion. Read More


What Is A Lexile Measure?

The Lexile Framework for Reading is a scientific approach to measuring reading ability and the text demand of reading materials. The Lexile Framework involves a scale for measuring both reading ability of an individual and the text complexity of materials he or she encounters. The Lexile scale is like a thermometer, except rather than measuring temperature, the Lexile Framework measures a text’s complexity and a reader’s skill level. Read More


Managing Epilepsy & Seizures

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, approximately 326,000 American children under the age of 15 have epilepsy and 200,000 new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed each year. Epilepsy affects people at different ages and in different ways. Epilepsy is more common in younger children and older adults. For some people, it will be a temporary problem, easily controlled with medication and outgrown after a few years. For others, it may be a lifelong challenge affecting many areas of life. Managing epilepsy and seizures can be difficult. The Epilepsy Foundation provides some facts and recommendation to help keep you and/or your child safe. Read More

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