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Questions to Ask for Your Child's IEP

IEP meetings can be confusing at times, even if it’s not your first meeting. The website, Understood for Learning & Attention Issues, has provided parents with a checklist of questions that can help parents be more informed, prepared and confident at their next IEP meeting. Read More


Helpful Homework Tips for Kids with ADHD

Doing homework with kids who have ADHD can be a stressful endeavor. Homework, however, is a part of education whether children or their parents like it or not. Help with homework can be found with some suggestions for both the classroom and at home. ADDitude magazine provides some great suggestions for homework help. Read More


Factors That May Place Your Child At Risk For Chronic Stuttering

If your child has difficulty speaking, repeats sounds or words or tends to hesitate, your child may have a stuttering problem. However, many children go through periods of stuttering that they eventually outgrow. Read More


Safety Tracking for Children with Autism

A recent study by the Journal of Pediatrics reported that 49% of children with autism are likely to wander or bolt from safe environments and nearly a third of those children are unable to relate any personal information like their name or phone number. In answer to this concern, a number of safety devices are available to parents and families of children with autism. Read More

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