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Why Kids Need School Lunch

Healthy school environments should support children’s physical, mental, social, and behavioral development. Studies have shown that teens experiencing shame (such as being sent away without lunch) may show an increase in aggressive behavior. Read More


Chores are Good for Kids!

Some children will need more help than others. At times it is harder to have the kids do the job and you’ll want to just do it yourself, but learning takes time! Be patient and give your kids the chance to learn these jobs and feel the pride of accomplishment. Read More


Snacks to Help with Constipation

Children with limited diets, those who take some medications and sometimes just because can have constipation on occasion or quite frequently. When sensory issues, developmental delays and issues with attention are added to this mix constipation and something called “encopresis” can be a long term struggle. Encopresis, or fecal incontinence, occurs when soiling or passing of stool (usually involuntarily) happens. Read More


Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Family members other than parents can play an important role in the initial recognition of difficulties prior to a child being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Read More

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