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Back to School Planning and Tips

Take advantage of open houses, conferences, and back to school night. Your child will have the chance to meet teachers, staff and other students. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s school program we can help! Call us at 651-636-4155. Read More


Chores are Good for Kids!

Some children will need more help than others. At times it is harder to have the kids do the job and you’ll want to just do it yourself, but learning takes time! Be patient and give your kids the chance to learn these jobs and feel the pride of accomplishment. Read More


Intervention for CAPD

There are several critical components involved in the comprehension intervention for CAPD. Read More


Red Flags for CAPD

These are just some of the signs you might see in a child with a CAPD. No person will have every symptom. Often symptoms can be grouped into subtypes. Read More


Speech Processing and Autism

The sounds ‘p’, ‘b’, ‘g’, ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ are in that frequency range. If children are missing hearing those sounds or are unable to process those sounds in a typical way, it may be affecting the way they are able to learn language. Read More

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