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Back to School Planning and Tips

Back to School Tips


Back to school means new teachers, a new grade and sometimes a new school!  For the best start for your child with special needs we’ve compiled this list of tips.


Organize Paperwork

If your child receives special services there will be a lot of paperwork, meetings and documentation.  It will be helpful to have your child’s evaluations, IEPs and school records in one place.  Some parents have found a binder to be helpful to keep all these items together.  It may be also be helpful to add a calendar to keep track of school meetings and conferences.  Please be sure to include documentation of private evaluations and services such as speech and occupational therapy 

Start a Communication Log

Keep track of phone calls, emails, notes sent home and notes from meetings.  Note dates, times and the nature of what was communicated.  It may also be helpful to note who you spoke to.

Review Your Child’s Current IEP

The IEP is the cornerstone of your child’s educational program.  It is important to understand what services your child is receiving, how often they received the services and what skills are being addressed.  It is good to know when the IEP expires and when re-evaluation is due.  Make sure your child’s current IEP is appropriate to your child’s needs.  Professionals at the Rosenberg Center are able to review your child’s IEP and offer support and insight. 

Relieve Back to School Jitters

Prepare your child for the upcoming school year.  Talk about what to expect including classes, activities, teachers and events that will occur.  It is helpful for many children to visit school before it is in session to learn where they are sitting and where their things will go.  Older children may benefit from practicing opening their locker and doing a walk-through of their daily schedule.  It may also be helpful to meet with teachers prior to starting school.

Keep Everyone Informed

Parents and the school should communicate early and often.  Make sure your child’s school knows about concerns, changes and questions you have.  The better communication you have with staff the more successful your child will be.  You are your child’s best advocate!

Attend School Events

Take advantage of open houses, conferences, and back to school night.  Your child will have the chance to meet teachers, staff and other students.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s school program we can help!  Call us at 651-636-4155.


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