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Chores are Good for Kids!

Chores are Good for Kids

Studies have shown that chores build needed skills for children.  Any child aged 2 years and up can help with some chores.   Some children might need more assistance in completing jobs, but will still benefit from being a helper.

At age 2:

·         Put away toys with assistance (Don’t expect perfection!).

·         Find socks and shoes and attempt to put them on.

·         Place dirty clothes into the hamper.

·         Use a dustpan and a broom (just a bit).


At age 3:

All of the above plus:

·         Find and place clothes into correct drawers.

·         Most developmentally typical children are able to use the toilet independently 

·         Use utensils correctly.

·         Dress themselves.

·         Place items in correct places (ex:  shoes in the closet).


At age 4:

·         Set the table.

·         Collect dirty dishes and put them near the sink.

·         Wash basic items at the sink with a step stool.

·         Become more independent bathing.

·         Pour a drink.

·         Make a basic sandwich.

·         Use a knife and fork at the table.

·         Start learning to make their bed.


At age 5:

·         Make their own bed (by pulling up blankets).

·         Setting and clearing the table independently. 


Age 6:

·         Assisting in making meals.

·         Dusting furniture.

·         Sweeping and vacuuming. 


Some children will need more help than others.  At times it is harder to have the kids do the  job and you’ll want to just do it yourself, but learning takes time!  Be patient and give your kids the chance to learn these jobs and feel the pride of accomplishment.



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