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Snacks to Help with Constipation

Snacks to Help with Constipation

Children with limited diets, those who take some medications and sometimes just because can have constipation on occasion or quite frequently.  When sensory issues, developmental delays and issues with attention are added to this mix constipation and something called “encopresis” can be a long term struggle.  Encopresis, or fecal incontinence, occurs when soiling or passing of stool (usually involuntarily) happens. 

To help keep your child regular here are some suggested snacks:

·         Pear or prune Juice.  Kids that won’t touch prune juice might try pear juice. 

·         “Power pudding”:  1 cup applesauce, ¾ cup prune juice and 1 cup of bran cereal mixed and refrigerated.  Try 1-2 tbsp a day.  This stuff really works.

·         Warm pear or apple juice with a cinnamon stick.

·         A fruit smoothie.  Include coconut water, which has a laxative effect.  Naked brand juice is also good if you don’t have the time to make a smoothie.

·         Popsicles made from real fruit and real fruit juice.  You can make your own at home in an ice cube tray.

·         Watermelon Sorbet-  find great recipes on Pinterest. 

·         Oatmeal.  Sneak in some flaxseed if you are able.

·         Fiber One makes high-fiber gummies. 

·         Fiber One makes cereal bars for kids. 

·         Encourage lots of liquids. 


If this issue becomes long term, medical management may be needed.    


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