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How to Handle Big Family Gatherings

Family gatherings are stressful for everyone. For parents with children who have special needs there is an extra layer of stress that can come with holidays and family gatherings. Read More


Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Family members other than parents can play an important role in the initial recognition of difficulties prior to a child being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Read More


Mother's of children with special needs

Mother’s Day is almost here and it’s wonderful to recognize all mothers; however moms who have children with special needs often need to do everything that all mothers do plus a whole lot more. Read More


Holiday Planning for Kids with ADHD

The holidays can be stressful for children with ADHD. Traveling and visiting relatives may disrupt their day-to-day routines, and all the excitement can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help avoid holiday havoc and create good memories for your family. Read More


Sensory Friendly Museum

Children and their families can experience dioramas, explore the Touch & See Room and visit a mini planetarium show-all with lowered lighting, quieter sounds and fewer visitors. There are additional resources such as visual timers, weighted lap pads and hearing protection for check out. The museum has a wealth of information and plenty to see. It’s a perfect place for adults and children to learn more about nature, animals and the natural history around the world. Read More

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