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Self Care

Studies show that raising children with special needs experience higher amounts of stress than parents of children who are not dealing with special needs. Parents need to keep their cups full in order to best care for their children, yet remain physically and mentally and healthy themselves. It can be hard to find the time for self-care, but it is important to remember it is important and deserved. Read More


Why Kids Should be Bored

Research shows that constructive boredom in children is essential to their mental and emotional development. Children do not need to be constantly entertained, nor do they need a screen with them at all times to alleviate boredom. However, and this is a big however, kids do need guidance from parents and caregivers if their boredom is to be constructive. Frankly, a little bit of innocent mischief is good for kids. Read More


Discipline and ADHD

. Disciplining a child with ADHD can be challenging and results take time, but don’t give up. A parent group or a behavior support specialist such as a psychologist can help provide support and will give you new ideas for parenting and will remind you that you are not alone. Read More


Mother's of children with special needs

Mother’s Day is almost here and it’s wonderful to recognize all mothers; however moms who have children with special needs often need to do everything that all mothers do plus a whole lot more. Read More


Parenting Challenging Children

Every parent knows that raising children can be challenging as well as rewarding. New studies show that more than half (56%) of working parents with children under the age of 18 find that having to balance the responsibilities of their job and the responsibilities of raising children difficult. This difficulty can often lead parents to feelings of bitterness regarding raising their children. This bitterness can be difficult to admit, especially if parents feel as if other parents are having an enjoyable experience raising children. Read More


Taking care of yourself the parent edition

 Parent Self-Care:


Let’s be honest, parenting is one of the toughest jobs there is!  Of course it’s fun and rewarding, yet it can be tiring, patience-testing, and downright stressful.  Research continually indicates that parent health is associated with positive child adjustment and wellbeing.  This is one of the many reasons it is important for parents to balance their children’s needs with their own.  Here are just a few ways to engage in self-care.


Exercise: run, yoga class, bike, walk, better yet exercise with a friend

Read something pleasurable: a book, magazine, newspaper

Join a club: book club, cooking club, parent club

Go on dates with spouse/significant other

Spend time with friends

Connect with other adults or parents

Laugh, find humor in daily life

Meet spiritual needs


Have a few trusted babysitters on hand

Swap babysitting with a parent in your neighborhood

Watch or go to a movie

Go out for coffee or a meal

Spend time outdoors or in natural light

Get a massage, pedicure/manicure, or facial

Eat a well-balanced diet and enjoy a treat

Keep up with routine medical care


Keep up hobbies or learn something new

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