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Why Kids Should be Bored

Research shows that constructive boredom in children is essential to their mental and emotional development. Children do not need to be constantly entertained, nor do they need a screen with them at all times to alleviate boredom. However, and this is a big however, kids do need guidance from parents and caregivers if their boredom is to be constructive. Frankly, a little bit of innocent mischief is good for kids. Read More


What is a feeding disorder?

It seems so obvious- if a child is hungry he will eat. For some children with a history of prematurutiy, medical complications, autism spectrum disorders or other development disorders, eating is a skill that does not develop as expected. Read More


Getting to know Dr. Nicole Schumann

I have a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on child psychology.

My favorite thing about the Rosenberg Center is our unique multi-disciplinary evaluation approach to assessing children.  It ensures that all aspects of a child's development is understood and we can make the best recommendations.  

I have worked at the Rosenberg Center almost four years.

In my free time I love being outside with my kids and going new place with them.  I also like playing and watching sports.

The scariest thing I have ever done?  Hmmm...I don't know.  If I am being honest, giving birth comes to mind.

What makes me happy?  1.  Dates with my husband   2.  Traveling  3.  Running  4.  Reading  5.  A nice glass of red wine and chocolate

My favorite TV show or movie?  I rarely watch TV.  I love movies, but I can't remember the last one I saw that wasn't for kids!

The last two books I read were Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Different Dream Parenting by Jolene Philo.

The one food I could eat forever is pizza, but I'd also really like a DQ blizzard to go with it!

If I could fly anywhere in the world I say island hopping around Hawaii sounds pretty great.

The best advice I have is "Do your best, leave the rest."

Most people don't know that I speak Spanish, although more and more I get the "use it or lose it" principle.

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