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Healthy Reminders By the Number!

A healthy routine for kids by the numbers! Here are some quick guidelines to adding a healthy structure to your child's daily routine. Read More


High Protein Snacks help with Attention

Maintaining steady blood sugar throughout the day helps kids (and adults) avoid highs and lows of energy throughout the day. Smart snacking can help ward off afternoon sleepiness and inattention. Mom was right; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting the day off with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat will go a long way to keeping your blood sugar and snacking in in line for the day. Read More


Is Giving Your Child Vitamins Important?

Vitamins are necessary components we all need to keep our bodies operating normally. Our bodies do not make enough vitamins on their own so we need to get vitamins from the food we eat, or in the case of Vitamin D, be exposed to sunlight. In a healthy, well-rounded diet of whole food, we are easily able to get all the vitamins we need. Whole foods can be described as fresh, non-processed food. However, in our society, many food are highly processed and even fruits and vegetable are grown using techniques that minimized the vitamin and mineral content. Another issue is that children are often not willing to eat a wide variety of whole foods, no matter how we try. Therefore, giving children a multivitamin in addition to trying to get as many vitamins as possible from whole foods can be a great way to supplement your child’s diet. Read More

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