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Motor Skill Development in Children

Motor skills are important for everyday function. Motor skills impact self-care, play, school and almost everything between! Here are developmental milestones to look for in your kids. Read More


Do Kids Need Cursive?

Students who take handwritten notes retain information longer and understand information better. Those who typed information performed lower on tests. Read More


Handwriting Can Be Fun!

Handwriting can be fun! Handwriting skills begin to develop at an early age, first looking at pre-writing skills such as drawing horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. As children progress, they begin to utilize both visual-motor and fine motor skills to advance pre-writing and writing skills. Using a multi-sensory approach can keep things fun and help to more effectively integrate these new motor patterns. Read More


Core for Kids?

Core strength refers to the deep postural muscles that support and hold one’s torso or trunk.  These muscles allow one to stay balanced and maintain an upright posture for extended periods of time.  We all use core muscles to sit still in one spot and to keep ourselves still and upright for handwriting and desk tasks.  Read More

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