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App edition!

 Apps we are loving right now:


·         Furry Friend by Plutinosoft.  This is a furry little monster that repeats words.  He also responds to any vocalizations or words.  Great for children who are just beginning to make sounds and use words.

·         All the apps by are really great for practicing skills at home.  They are based in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) intervention and teach great skills like noun recognition, learning sight words and early problem solving.

·         Apps from Talk Time Pediatric Speech Academy can be a bit pricey, but they offer quality apps that really focus on key areas such as answering yes/no questions and using verb phrases.

·         Super Duper Inc. is a company that has been in the business of supplying speech therapists with therapy materials for almost 30 years.  They know speech and they have expanded into occupational therapy.  Their apps are specific, inexpensive and reliable.

·         Alligator apps offer quite a few free apps working on things like identifying emotions and concepts.  They are pretty limited, but can be useful for reinforcing skills that have been already learned.

·         Voice Meter Lite by Dragon Fly apps.  If you know a kid who struggles with volume, either too soft or too loud, this app is the best!  It is free and works like a charm.  Love it.

·         Giggle Up apps have some great apps.  You need to be a bit selective.  We really like the jigsaw puzzle apps for reinforcement

·         “Cookie Calls” is an app by Sesame Street.  It is like having a Face Time call with Cookie Monster.  Little ones love it!

·         Speech Sound on Cue for iPad teaches initial word sounds with visual and verbal cues.  We’ve used this with kids who are stuck trying to get certain sounds.  It is also good for kids who have poor eye contact but are drawn to a screen.

·         Pea Pod Labs have some nice apps for labeling nouns and verbs.


We are always learning about new apps and new materials to keep kids engaged and learning.  Give us a call for more information at 651-636-4155.

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