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Seasonal Allergies and Kids

Spring has arrived…and with it, seasonal allergies. Allergies in children are common. Nearly half of all children in the U.S., suffer from allergies. Treating allergies can be challenging because there can be so many different symptoms, different allergen triggers and different reactions. Symptoms of allergic reactions could include: itchy/red/watery eyes, sneezing, runny and/or congested nose, congested sinuses, headaches, rashes, hives, difficulty breathing/wheezing, sore/itchy/scratchy throat, coughing, hoarse voice, itchy ear canals ear infections for congestion, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and snoring. Below are some tips to help make the spring allergy season easier. Read More


What to Expect for Your Child's First Words

As your child is learning new words there are certain groups of words that you can expect him or her to learn. These are words you can model for your young child throughout the day. Read More

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