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Language delays-before your child talks

We work with many children who are pre-verbal.  This means they aren't using words yet.  As speech-language pathologists we work on how kids use language and how kids understand language.  When a child is pre-verbal we are working on ways for them to communicate, but we also work on helping them to understand the world around them and what people are saying to them.

Below are some things parents can do at home with their pre-verbal child.

At home and at school you can work on following one step directions.  Examples follow:

·         Clap your hands

·         Wave

·         Wiggle your fingers

·         Make a kiss

·         Knock on the table…door…window (etc)

·         Stomp your feet

·         Arms up

·         Raise your hand

·         Stick out your tongue

·         Close your eyes

·         Hands together

·         Hands on the table


In a similar category you can also work on pointing to clothing and body parts:

Point to, show me, where is your…

·         Nose

·         Mouth

·         tummy

·         Ears

·         Eyes

·         Hair

·         Feet

·         Hands

·         Arms

·         Legs

·         Shoes

·         Socks

·         Pants

·         Shirt

·         Jacket

·         Hat

More advanced body parts:

·         Elbow

·         Wrist

·         Eyebrow

·         Ankle

·         Knee

If you have any questions or if you are concerned about your child's language skills call us at 651-636-4155.  We can help!



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