Frequently Asked Questions

Will insurance pay for my child’s multi-disciplinary evaluation?
Rosenberg Center will submit claims to your insurance plan for each of your child’s assessment appointments (*with the exception of testing for learning disability.) However, this does not mean that your insurance plan will PAY for each of your child’s assessment appointments. Typically, insurance plans cover the testing that Rosenberg Center does. Your child’s evaluation may include: a speech/language evaluation, psychological testing, a medical evaluation, an occupational therapy assessment, and other developmental testing that could be performed by one of our speech/language pathologists. You must be aware of your health coverage benefits so that you understand what your cost might be.
If my insurance plans covers my child’s testing, why did I receive a bill from Rosenberg Center?
Listed below are some of the reasons you may be responsible to pay for a portion of your child’s assessment charges: Some insurance plans require an office visit “co-pay”, which means you will pay your co-pay amount for each clinician that your child see’s at our clinic, on the date that your child is seen. Some plans require a “co-insurance”, in which case Rosenberg Center will submit the claims for your child’s testing appointments to your insurance plan, the claim will be processed, and your plan will communicate to Rosenberg Center what your co-insurance responsibility is. You will then receive a bill from Rosenberg Center for that amount.

Some plans require an annual “deductible” be met prior to claims being paid for by your insurance company. In this case, your plan will process our claims, and instead of paying the claims, they will notify Rosenberg Center of your deductible amount. You will receive a bill from Rosenberg Center for that amount.

Is testing for learning disability covered by insurance?
No. Currently, Health Insurance does not cover testing for learning disability. The cost for testing of learning disability is the patient’s responsibility. Rosenberg Center contracts with an individual who is licensed and trained to administer, score, and interpret testing for learning disability. While our contracted education consultant is licensed and trained, he is not considered a clinical practitioner, therefore we are unable to file claims to health insurance for testing that he administers.

When our psychologist administers psychological testing to determine a learning problem or disability, then the cost for that testing will be the patient’s responsibility as well. Your intake provider will talk about this type of testing and the cost if it applies to you.

Is the Rosenberg Center named after someone?
Yes! To learn about Dr. Jill E. Rosenberg click here!
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