Career Opportunities


Job Description and Responsibilities:

The Rosenberg Center, by charter, approaches the assessment and treatment of children from a whole child perspective and with a multidisciplinary approach. Because of this, psychologists contracted with the Rosenberg center will work collaboratively with all disciplines including medical staff, speech pathology, occupational therapy, educational staff, office professionals, and other psychologists to provide services to our customers. This collaboration will include but is not limited to:

  • Initial interviews and diagnostic assessment    
  • Psychological testing as indicated
  • Therapy/treatment in individual, family, and group therapy modalities using evidenced based practice and with informed consent for treatment as priority
  • Consultation with parents, schools, medical providers, and other referral sources
  • Parent education
  • Participation in multidisciplinary team evaluations


Other responsibilities will include:

  • Return of patient/collaborative phone calls by the end of each workday.
  • Obtaining prior authorization from insurance companies for treatment and testing as needed.
  • Completion of clinical documentation and accurate record keeping by the end of each workday.
  • Written reports completed within 48 hours.
  • Writing letters to schools and other professionals as needed.

Psychologists contracted with the Rosenberg Center will cover these needs for other psychologists as needed, when colleagues are away from the office. When the Employee is out of the office, the same courtesies will be provided by their psychologist colleagues. 

It will be expected that psychologists at the Rosenberg Center work within the scope of their training and experience as indicated on their professional licenses, will consult with colleagues as needed, and will adhere to the rules, code of conduct, state law, and ethics associated with their profession. 


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