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Toys for Kids: Toddlers

Toys for Kids:  Toddlers


Is your toddler moving away from button toys and noisy type toys?  They next step in toys and learning involves working on fine motor skills, pretend play and turn taking in play. 

Here are some suggestions for kids moving beyond baby toys:

·         Chunky puzzles or peg puzzles

·         Bowling games (Ex:  “Monster Bowling”)

·         Small basketball hoop

·         Duplos

·         Bristle Blocks

·         Vehicles (such as pull back or larger soft ones)

·         Bath toys such as boats and floating animals

·         Baby doll

·         Pull along toys

·         Don’t Break the Ice

·         Barnyard Bingo

·         Honeybee Tree

·         Trains and tracks

·         Puzzles with latches and other closures


You can find great toys by being selective at Target.  Creative Kidstuff is another great local option.  The websites and www.fatbraintoys are good choices too. 



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