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Learn the Signs of Autism

If your child or a child you knows struggles with any of these skills we suggest a developmental evaluation.

  • If you point at something across the room does your child follow the point to look at the item?
  • Do you ever wonder if your child is deaf or has a hearing problem?  Does your young child have "selective" hearing?
  • Does your child play make-believe or pretend?  (example:  pretending to drink from an empty cup, pretending to talk on the phone or pretending to feed a doll).
  • Does your child point to things to ask for help?
  • Does your child point to things to show interest?
  • Is your child interested in other children?
  • Does your child bring things to you to share?  Not just for help?
  • Does your child respond to his or her name when you call?
  • Does your child smile when you smile at him or her?
  • Does your child look into your eyes when you are talking to him or her?  How about playing with him or her?
  • Does your child try to copy what you are doing?
  • If you turn to look at something, does your child also turn?
  • Does your child want to "show off" for you?  Does he or she ask you to "watch me"?
  • If something unusual happens does your child look at your face to check your reaction?
  • Does your child understanding when you tell him or her to do something/

Behaviors that are of concern:
  • Frequent climbing on items.  
  • Your child does not respond to his or her name.
  • Your child seems to have a hearing loss or "selective" hearing.  
  • Your child moves his hands and arms in an unusual manner.
  • Your child gets upset my everyday noises like a vacuum or people singing.  
  • Your child repeats movements.  

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