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Personalized Medicine and Gene Testing

Did you know that there is a test available that can look at your child’s genes and determine how he or she metabolizes certain medications? The Rosenberg Center Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are now using a company called “Genesight” to provide helpful information when picking psychotropic medications for children. The company matches the patient’s genetic profile with known pharmacology to provide an easy-to-interpret, actionable report for clinicians. The test involves a cheek swab and a 2-3 week wait period for results. Some insurance companies cover the cost and some do not. The maximum out of pocket cost for the patient is $330 currently. This test can be particularly important when a child has failed one or more trials of medication. It may help in understanding if a particular medication will be metabolized in a typical manner or whether the provider should consider higher or lower dosages. Information from the report can be used to pick particular medications that may match up better with your child’s genetic makeup. Feel free to talk with your provider about the test at your next visit.


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